Play Different Types of Fantasy Games On the SkillClash Platform

Did you ever want to play games & win real rewards? If yes, there’s a wonderful opportunity for you. Welcome to this post that indicates the best types of fantasy games you can play on SkillClash. Now, what type of game is SkillClash?

It is a fantasy gaming website with different fantasy games such as Tower Twist, Rummy, Blazing Blades, Fruit Chop, 8 Ball Pool, etc. So, if you’re interested in playing a unique and intriguing real-money game having a cool interface, download this app. Before understanding the different types, here’s a brief introduction:

SkillClash, in a Nutshell!

SkillClash offers an excellent opportunity to play skill-based games. Here, players can win contests & money depending on how good they are at a particular game. There are different tournaments & battles organized for casual games.

In this application, developers have divided games into two categories to select from before playing the game. The game features a two-game mode that offers different tournaments and battles.

What Are the Different Features of SkillClash?

SkillClash application has different features that make it a great gaming choice. Here are the multiple features of the app:

  • This app offers different contests for the single game
  • You can download SkillClash in a straightforward and seamless procedure
  • Players can play different mobile games on the app, along with cricket and football. All in all, there are different games available for different types of gamers.
  • There are different contests for both different (high and low) amounts
  • This interactive app lets you chat with other friends and users who are using the application
  • The prize money players win seamlessly to redeem
  • There are no ads on the website
  • Players can win instant cash & other gifts at each game’s end
  • A unique and seamless application that offers different free games
  • Fees are paid to the participants in the tournament
  • The apk version of the app is easy to download, and it does not cost any money to download it on the app
  • Gamers may use your money to recharge the phone on the app

Different Games to Play on SkillClash

Tower Twist

In the game, you can defend against attack. Stop the enemy from getting to the castle with various towers & heroes. Besides, you can merge the low-level units to upgrade & make the defences more powerful. Another benefit of this game is that you can customize the base. What you need to do is to design the base and defend it most effective against attacks.

Additionally, you can solve campaign tower defence puzzles. You can simply merge resources, place towers, and defend the castle in more than 50 unique campaign bottles. Lastly, you can collect different towers and heroes to ensure that you have the chance of defeating the enemies.


Rummy is the most popular game in the Indian market. In this game, the prime objective of individuals is to create sets and sequences. The player who first creates the set or sequence will win the game. The prime objective is to work on keeping your hand to 0 cards. The one who first completes the target wins the game.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is another addictive game based on 3D pool games. Here, gamers need to challenge their friends. SkillClash gives you a wonderful opportunity to become a master of pool gamers. Enhance your skills and become a pro.

Other games available on the platform are Blazing Blades and Fruit Chop.

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